I work out…..

Okay, no, not really. But so far my weight has maintained itself throughout the years. Slowly but surely the change of sizes in my jeans increases.  I was a size 3 and now I am creeping into a size 9. Keep in mind this is over the course of 8 years, so its gradual, but only slightly noticeable. I will never be at my highschool weight (2002-2005, 115 pounds). My goal weight will always be 125 pounds, because honestly for my height, I look great at that weight. I am now 135 pounds. It’s not ideal for my image. Or at least I am not as satisfied with it as I want to be. Others disagree, but it’s about what I want right? It’s about what makes me feel great. So my question is….how do you do it? All you exercising people. I LOVE food. And I keep making excuses about not having enough time. So my question really is, can you eat all the food you love and still look good? If yes, how?!?!?!