Strip Clubs!


Hello and good day. I am going to jump right in.


How do you feel about strip clubs?

I ask, because at the age of 27, I still don’t know how I feel about them. Well I do, but I don’t know if I really should feel the way I do about them. I don’t know if my feelings about them are an overreaction. Someone tell me I am wrong or right. My own thoughts are bouncing in my head driving me crazy. I should just take a deep breath and know everything will be okay.

Is a one or two times a year visit really going to threaten me? No, probably not, but I still crawl into my hole of insecurities if there is a slight chance that my boyfriend of 6 years wants to go to one. It’s a rare occasion that he does want to go, but when he does I turn into a lost puppy who doesn’t know how to grow a pair. I have been to one with a bunch of girl friends and I guess my visit was a little over the top and kind of scared me for life that their really is not restrictions to what can happen at a strip club.

Guys always try to make you feel better by saying “well it’s not like you can touch the girls”. I call BS on that one. You can touch, grab, kiss, smack and if your dirty enough, take the woman home. Will my boyfriend do this? No. I do fear the overly touchy lap dance. Just because there is an establishment for all this to happen I don’t think its okay. I don’t think its fair. Would you do these things outside of a strip club? No, then why do it in one? I have always had the rule, you can look but not touch. It’s natural for a man to turn and look at a beautiful woman. Hell, I have caught myself looking at them and even will look at a few men here and there. A look is innocent. But at a strip club when there are limited restrictions its hard to say what is okay and what isn’t okay. It’s not that I don’t trust my boyfriend. I just don’t feel comfortable with the touching in general. It’s an insecurity of my own.

My boyfriend is actually one of the good ones when it comes to strip clubs. It’s a rare occasion that I have to worry about him going. He thinks they are slightly dirty and over priced. Whew. He still says they are “cool”, but he really has to be in the mood to go to one. He also tried to make me feel better about them by saying “when I go it only makes me want to come home and do stuff to you” or  “I picture you doing those moves”. So please rest assured that my problem isn’t with him. It’s just in the place in general. I personally wish they would all burn to the ground.

However! All of his friends are the every weekend strip club goers. Just this last weekend all his best friends went and were out til 4 in the morning doing who knows what. Can a strip club really entertain you for 7 hours straight? For his friends I guess so, because that is what their strip club visits are like. I am afraid of the night my boyfriend wants to leave home at 9 and not return til 4 in the morning. For his friends its single and ready to mingle right?! Well what can one relationship guy get into with about 5 or 6 single guys who are highly intoxicated. One of the guys is recently divorced and has asked my boyfriend three or four times to go. I want to smack him and say LAY OFF. Quit making him feel bad for saying no to you. What else will this sad divorced man try to talk my boyfriend into. I am lucky that my boyfriend has his own voice and says no, but they way this guy lays into him even with me standing there, I gotta think he might have a point to where he breaks just to get this highly annoying guy off his back. When my boyfriend turns him down, he tells him he is “whipped”. I hate this term, because I do not make the decisions of whether he should go or not. He can go. I have told him plenty of times. Go if you must, but respect me when you go. I will bite my lips and get through it. He knows they make me uncomfortable, but I will not hold him back if its something he wants to do.

I feel like I am over thinking this, but at the same time I just have a lump in my stomach that makes me feel uneasy. It just doesn’t feel right to me. I think if you’re in a serious relationship and you go, you should just look and not touch. Why do single guys encourage guys in a relationship to cheat (yes I said cheat, he wouldn’t want me touching another guy). Guys will insist on buying you lap dances and call you tons of names until you finally give in. You are not a man until you let this half-naked woman grind on your pants for money. They said last time the woman took her panties off. *Sigh* Why is being a good honest man just hanging with friends not good enough?

Go out with the guys, have a few or a lot of beers, throw some dollars on stage, but come home at a decent hour (before midnight hopefully) and not touch the strippers. That is all I want or ask of when it comes to these visits. But without me being there and the strict guy code, how will I really ever know what goes on?

…….sometimes I think too much.