Wish Upon A Star


“Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket, save it for a rainy day.”

I’m calling upon my rainy day. With all the troubles, the fights, and things not working…..lately things have been fantastic. I’m in love with a man and that man holds my heart. It may just be the good vibes, but I feel like things are really looking up and I feel true happiness in my life. My job is going well and I am happy to go home nowadays. Six years of dating, renting, and playing house, and I’m finally feeling ready. I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and not questioning what I want so much. I want the house, the family dog, the marriage, and maybe, just maybe, a baby. I would love to make something with this man who I love and for it to be apart of our world. I think lol.

I still know that I am on a different page then him with this. We communicate it and he isn’t ready. I respect him and am willing to give him time. I just know that I am ready. At the drop of a hat I will say yes. And I am writing today to wish upon that one really big star for my dreams to come true. It doesn’t have to be today or tomorrow, but I would love everything to fall into place by the time I am 30. Here’s to hopeful wishing. I am just at a point in my life to where I have sacrificed and I have waited and it’s almost time for things to start happening for me. This time, I get what I want. Hopefully. I think asking for this to happen in two years and 4 months (who is counting) is a reasonable request.

Wish me luck, but above all else, wish me love.

Signing off…..tootles.


Writing about family…..

is extremely difficult, because as I am typing this I have a point to make, but I already know as I am starting to write about them it will lead me into many subjects about them and I will lose focus and never get to my point. Especially with my boyfriend yelling in the background at his video games. Makes it hard to stay focus and remember any thoughts. I can barely read my own sentences back to myself as he yells at the television. This post will take me hours at this rate. He thinks me being on the laptop is some how effecting his chances of making head shots. Anyways, I will try to prevail.

Today was a new day. I’m 27, my sister 34. We have grown so far apart and today we connected. I haven’t been feeling my best and the person I can turn to about my sickness is my sister. Because above all the things I believe about her I can’t ignore that she is smart and can actually help me. I spoke with her about my symptoms and she helped me find a path on what I should do. She is in the nursing field. As to what degree she graduated with, I can’t tell you. That should further clarify to you readers, if any, that my sister and I are not close. Some where between me sleeping with her middle school crush while I was highly intoxicated (there is way more to that than one sentence, so no judging) and her having three kids (one of her kids also had a kid) we lost touch with being close sisters. Today was different. I came to her for advise. Little sister asking big sister for help and hearing her voice actually help me. I connected with my sister and it felt great.

Okay tonight I’m failing at posting….I wanted to write more…I can’t take the background noise….but also tonight I have won, a small connection with my sister.