Friday Night

Excuse any slurs in my typing…..the blue moon could be talking…..

It was 7:00 p.m. on this very Friday night, the time was ticking and getting close to where we find out who was doing what and with who.

After work and now at home I ask…..”are you and Michael (not real name, but his closest friend) planning an evening out, because I can find something to do if need be?”.

Honestly, I rather hang out with him, but if he has plans, this is what we talked about. Space. Remember, he needs space.

He replies, “why don’t you just go do something instead of waiting for me to have plans first?”.

Surprised by this kind of reply from him (he is the one who wanted space) I wanted the upper hand. Luckily I had already talked to one of my girlfriends and the night was in the making.

I chirp back, “Actually, I do have plans.”

His look was very surprised. I think he wanted this “giving each other space” to be on his terms. He didn’t think I would actually be the one with the plans first. It becomes very clear to me that he wants to have plans and then for me to figure out something just because he has plans. Not the other way around. He doesn’t want to be the one who has to figure out what to do because I am not there.

Well tonight, this is how it has to be. He asked something from me and I am a giver. So he asks, he receives. If it’s not to his liking then maybe he should have been more specific.

I kiss him good-bye and tell him to have a good evening. Nine rolls around…..

First text: “Where are you?”….I reply….9:20 rolls around……next text: “Its time for you to come home.”

I tell my girlfriends it was a pleasure and take my happy butt home. When I get home he is waiting….his night didn’t go according to plan. Well too bad mister. You fought for space, now you get space. The tables have turned. I was the lonely one who needed you, and now you realize, the only reason I haven’t given you space is because I am trying to be here for you, so you are the one who is not alone. Well you are alone or you were until I came home. I can find space, any time, any where. But be careful boy, because with all that space…I might find out I don’t need you.